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Every one have keen desire to make an extra income, to earn money online, but the question is how to earn money online if we have no idea to do such thing. Here we bringing the tips how to earn money online through the most popular method. The topic here we want to share is about Google Adsense programme. The first thing, we must have website or web blog that we belonging before we sign up and apply for Google Adsense account. The content of website or blog that we submit the domain url for Google Adsense account application, must be compliance with Google Adsense programme policies and criteria.We are free to choose whatever topic or title for website or blog as long as not violate Google Adsense policies. We build website or blog that we expect people come to visit and therefore we must ensure to get traffic and friendly with search engine optimization (SEO) before we submit application for Google Adsense account. Google Adsense programme is not rich quick programme, it only give us opportunity to make some extra money through website or blog with no cost.

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