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MLM online are two categories business run simultaneously, one is conventional business and the other one is online business. MLM itself is offline business that we need to meet people to promote our business, to recruit new members, attend meeting, to develope business networking and to ensure the networking we built keep on develope due to target. With this method we spend big expenses and more time needed to build business networking. Now whatever MLM business out there that we join we can turn it from offline business to online business or we can apply both method.

MLM online more efficient than offline and we not need to keep talking what we have to offer or promote, what we need is we build the website relevant to what kind of MLM business we run and publish it. This website will 'talking' about business we have run and it ready to take place our job, even not all work but it can be assist.

We provide web form to simply who interest to join our business to sign up and we also provide 'contact' page to enable anybody to leave their message and can send to us.This can include order form that they can buy product from us. What we expect from this method that we not limited our networking business/ downline just around us or just who we can meet or we can contact.

MLM online not specific to develope or build networking business to get people join and sign up but it give the opportunity to whom not intrested to join,become our customer without we 'disturb' them. The website we published talk to them. As usually when they often buy and use product that we promote, they will tell other people and it will bring benefit to our business.

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