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Here we can start to make decision what kind of business we will be run on internet to generate an extra income.We will check and survey what kind of business are suitable for us,maybe.Do we need an offline business before we can start business on internet.If we need a product to sell on internet what kind of product we will be promote,either only digital product or both physical and digital product have potential market on internet.How to make marketing to internet user over the world who also as a consumer, all that questions come across in mind.Talk about business on internet do we need own website or not before we can start an online business.Since internet exist we all who access on internet observed and heard too many things about business on internet such as selling product,home business or most popular now,pay per click (PPC), paid survey,email processing,paid to surf,even don't have own product we can promote other people product and earn commission, online investment such as foreign currency (forex),stock and many more.All that mentioned just on computer screen from comfort home or anywhere as long as can access to internet.We just ignore all opportunities exist on internet before, once interest emerge we start to digging information all about.

No doubt,all the information we need come from internet even we ask somebody,he/she also collect informations from internet,either join forum, news,read article or we can find answer by asking 2 professor on internet. There are 2 professor on internet known as Google and the other one is Youtube.We can 'googling' (common and famous method) to find information we need and assist by watch video related to our inquiry for further understand. All the video we need available at Youtube site.Just find it.

Now,maybe we made desicion what kind of business we wll run on internet and know why we choose that.Whatever kind of business we choose to run on internet we must be responsible on all risks.Do not blame other people/party or anybody for any lose.

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