We can generate an extra income from internet if we own the website.All marketer have their own website and know how to create their own website. Other voice sound without website we are nothing in internet world.Most of the conventional and offline method are changing now.We own the website merely not enough if no traffic,it means no visitor come to visit.It is probably the website itself cannot attract visitor.The content of website must be can attract visitors repeatly like magnet to build up business network.We can develope networking with less cost and time of advertising without spend thousands anymore.In conventional business we spend a lot of money,time and energy to do the same thing.

We must know to create own website.Every one who want their own website must be register domain and webhosting.We choose to rent any webhosting or can use any free webhosting. Domain is website's name and the webhosting is the place to park/transfer webfile where people can visit through internet if they know the domain name/address.

Here is the simple step to create own website using NVU software.This software is to create and edit website.Another one software use is FileZilla software.This is use for transfer webfile to domain/webhosting. This two software's are free and anybody need to use this two software's can download both at download link below.

* NVU software

* FileZilla Software

Visit Youtube site to find how to use these two software's NVU and FileZilla to start ceate own website.After finished and website is ready, people can visit through internet,promote website to internet such as via facebook,send website link via email,Youtube,get viral link,any free viral link,register domain with search engine Google,Yahoo and others.Join forum to put link and promote to forum members also get traffic exchange.


In online business one of creteria to be top internet marketer is know what to do properly and have good strategy to collect subscribers from over the world.More subscribers, more power of advertisment that we have. We provide contact form or reply form on own website to enable /allow who surfing our website to leave any comment or message. Before they do that, we as an author of the website must be provide privacy policy to convince anybody feel secure to expose their personal information such as their name,email and phone number not to sell or use for another purpose.

By using autoresponder we will be able to create our own marketing email.This is primary and important thing to do if we want to be one of top internet marketer in online business and have no excuse for us not to be use autoresponder and mastering in this field.

With autoresponder our online business will be running by itself on autopilot. It will be running day and night,while we sleep,while we in vacation,while we eat, even while we do nothing it will do work for us by send our marketing email in schedule. Its kind of robot email sender.A coordinate set of marketing email delivered at intervals and designed to escalate a persuasive argument to purchace, subscribe, download or whatever we think it necessary in our online business that we are running.

We can choose any company who provide autoresponder service either free service or rent such as Aweber, GetRespont , Trafficwave, NoraBots and many more we can find on internet.Autoresponder will take over the job like our secretary.
There is no way to success in online business without autoresponder. Its make our promotion task is much more easier.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great method to use in an online business. It begin as ealier as we build our email list that we collect from our website who sent message or comment to us and automatically subscribe to our email list. Another way to get email list from our website is give a free product to visitors and they can be download from downlod link we provide.They must be opt in and subscribe our email list before they can download.With this method we have big opportunity to promote our business through online without expensive cost and with less time needed by send our email marketing to subscribers.

The main goal using this method is to turn our subscriber to be our customer or be our downline affiliate member that we can develope our business.So the pin point here that we must be create our email marketing with careful planning,offering relevant with our business .Its can make our business moving toward another level and our ROI greater by attract customers continuously through online.

All internet marketer using this method and they collect subscribers as many as they can and do not shock if they can make so much money in a few days even they sell a product as low as $5 because they already know to whom they need to offer the product with specific.This is a secret of success in internet marketing.We know the power of email marketing we created and sent to subscribers after we get what we want in online business.

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