Online business or make money on internet can be made by several ways depend on interest,which kind of business we choose.People who involve in online business cannot avoid to promote what he/she offer on internet such as attract people to buy or to sell,to use product/servicing. We can get more potential customer from that activity and we must keep on promote.We promote through our website,forum,send email to our email list or we advertise our link with short description about product/servicing or promote link affiliate programme we joined on internet.We earn commission or retail profit sharing when people buy or use their product/servicing. All that opportunities available on internet 24/7 non stop and what we have to do is identify and grab this opportunities.If we do not,others will.

What is most important thing is not to promote scam programme where
it is promise huge returns in short period time with nothing to do, only need to join their programme and refer other people to join as referral members and such programme never pay to their members with thousands excuses.We only wasted time join in scam programme then we promote for nothing.They attract people with free to join or they charge small fees for once with no money back guarantee or if they offer for money back we will never get back as their promise.

They also provide testimonial list as a proof of successful who was join their scam programme to convince people to sign up with their programme. They claim we can quit daily job, free financial, everyday is Sunday when we join/sign up to their programme.

All such things available on internet and we must be careful to choose
product, programme or servicing to promote on internet.

Affiliate and Vendor

The topic here we want to share is about to become an affiliate of ClickBank.The first step is join Clickbank by sign up as an affiliate and it with no cost.

By join ClickBank as an affiliate,we have more chances to promote product and make a sale without need own product. At ClickBank, have thousands product listed at different categories and all specific to digital product. What we must do right after sign up is to select the product we want to promote,get the promote link and we start to promote. If we own website or blog, this is an advantageous to us to put promote link on it. We only need to promote the promote link and not to create the sale site.We earn commission for each sale made through promote link that we post/promote.

We also have opportunity to sell own product via ClickBank by become a vendor of ClickBank. Of course only digital product permitted and if we own physical product to sell online,find another than ClickBank. At ClickBank we already know that have affiliates can promote our product and it reduce our promotion task.We earn money online by join ClickBank either we own product or not by become a ClickBank affliates or vendors.     

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